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Strength Reebok Progressive Conditioning Workshop

Gin Miller

Like the Step Reebok 10 Year Anniversary tape, this is filmed outside on a deck with just Gin and a step platform, a body bar (30lb), leg weights, Ironware hand-weights and a set of light and heavy dumbbells. There are two videos in this "set." Tape one is titled Reebok Muscle Definition Isolation and is about 35 minutes long. Tape two is titled Integration and is about 45 minutes long. Each of these tapes ends with the same Flexible Strength cooldown.

The first video's exercises consist of a variety of moves that covers all the major muscle groups. In general, for this first section, Gin uses a lot of familiar moves but adds dimension to them that make them just a bit different. For instance, to work the legs she does squats and lunges, but the squats are made more intense by hovering within ranges that do not allow the body to hit rest points. The lunges have you maintaining a wide stance while holding a body bar behind you. The bar rests on the top of your butt basically. You do a range of up and down moves, then a series of moves where you bend your front leg only, which pretty much burns up the quad. There are also a number of upper body moves and a series of push-ups that incorporate a lot of holding moves that challenge all those torso stabilizers.

The second video, which has a lot of new exercise twists, involves moving your arms or legs away from the torso while trying to maintain a balanced position. For instance, you do a squat while holding weights in front of you. Then you squat and while coming up raise the weights overhead. Then you squat down, rise up and bring the weights overhead at an angle. Then you squat, rise up bringing up one leg in a lateral raise while bringing the weights overhead at an angle. (This sequence continues and becomes more complex.) She also does this really tough tricep-dip sequence where you dip, rise up, and extend a leg and raise an arm overhead. There is a sequence of push-ups where you hover at the bottom, rise up, do a side plank hold, then go back into a downward facing dog position.

To say the least there are a number of great exercises in this tape that are pretty innovative and difficult. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to hold positions while moving weighted limbs away from the center of your body. Gin seems to cruise through the most difficult versions, but this only gives me a goal to get to, I did the tape twice and on the second time dropped down the weight so I could do more of the full range of movement. These exercises are just as effective without using as much weight or any weight to start off with. So, if you have been exercising a while, you could probably figure out how to modify the exercise quickly and then build up to Gin level.

If you are an advanced exerciser, or an intermediate/advanced exerciser wanting to try a new range of strength moves this tape would fit the bill. So far the only place to find it is via Gin Miller's website ( unfortunately, Reebok has decided not to produce videos for consumers at this time. If you are a Gin Miller fan, you will not be disappointed in this workout.

Instructor: Gin Miller is one of the most "at-ease" instructors I've seen in front of the camera. She is amazingly strong and has a great sense of humor/comedy. (She's also willing to workout with little stuffed and live animals too. J) Her ability to give instruction is amazing. She is one of the best instructors to explain form and the work of the exercise.

Lisa Kucharski

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