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Gin Miller's New Body Workout

(Intermediate-Floor Aerobics, Toning)

A straightforward, nothing-fancy low-impact workout from the Step Reebok queen. Gin jokes and cuts up all throughout - maybe she's trying to lose that Max Headroom image from her Step Reebok videos - but it doesn't distract from her cueing. Followed by a total-body toning session (uses dumbbells and a chair). Backed by the Reebok restless-native band.
Grade: B+

Sue Bryant

Gin Miller's New Body Workout

I felt this was overall a good workout, and a fun video. The aerobics was fun and won't bore you to death. However, the aerobics section could have been a bit longer. Gin Miller has excellent queing; however, sometimes I felt her chatter to be a bit annoying even though it didn't interfere with her queing. The toning portion contained a good mix of muscle groups.

I only paid $13.95 for this video - I feel it is a good addition to my collection.

Kathy Lapinski

This is a high/low floor workout, and very good. The moves are athletic-type and not real dancy. It's about intermediate level both in terms of intensity and choreography. After the approximately 30 minutes of aerobics, there is another 20 or so minutes of toning. It's not high-power toning, just some basic exercises that get your muscles moving but not "pumped."
I like this one and give it an A.

Gin is either high on drugs or in a *really* good mood in this one! (I'm sure it's the latter, of course.) Wow, is this a change from Step Reebok! She cracks jokes and cuts up all through the workout. It helps make the class even more fun, but if you did this 2 or 3 times a week, it might get on your nerves. Personality aside, Gin Miller is one of the best instructors, and one of my favorites. I'll never cease to be amazed by her *perfect* cueing. I think one could do her workouts with their eyes closed; she's that good.

Annie S. 5/18/97

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