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Everybody Steps

Gin Miller

Everybody Steps is exactly what Collage says it is... an introduction to step aerobics. It is done in sections with each section progressing to a little bit more intensity but not difficulty.

It is the perfect beginners tape. I am an advanced stepper but I am also 58 years old. I am looking for workouts that I feel are intense enough to work up a sweat but with less joint pounding leaps and jumps. I will factor in the less intense workouts with my normal Cathe's and Gin's. I just purchased Gin's Simply Step, and Kathy Smith's Step Workout and Power Step workout for that reason.

Think about adding this to your collection for when you are having a low energy day.

Instructor comments: Praising Gin is easy. She is motivational, funny, real and down to earth. She makes mistakes and then points them out! You gotta love an instructor with a sense of humor about herself.

Her cueing is the absolute best.

Donna Nihill

This is a beginner step video from the Mistress of Step. How I wish *this* had come with my first Step Co. step! (And, what were they thinking when the put Catheís ďAll StepĒ with them??? If THAT had been my first exposure to a step workout I would have jumped out the window. Way too complex for a newbie!)

The workout demos most of the usual step patterns at a moderate pace. (Iíll admit I messed up a couple times. But, I am hopeless.)

One can get a decent workout with this. Gin is warm and funny as usual.

I guess my biggest warning would be to not assume that, having mastered this video, you are ready for Cathe or Christie. You will know the steps, but not necessarily be prepared for complex patterns and routines. And, letís face it, the is no instructor that cues as well as Gin Miller.

Iím not sure if this is a keeper. The music is very uninspiring.

Instructor comments: Please see review.



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