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Comments/Facts about Gin Miller

  • Credited with the invention of step training, and creator of the Step Reebok program
  • 1991 IDEA Instructor of the Year
  • Star of ESPN's "Step Reebok" TV show

Gin, often credited with inventing step aerobics, has a split personality as an instructor. Most who are familiar with her know her from the "Step Reebok" video series - a dead-serious talking head peering from multiple TV screens that some even describe as "robotic". However, "New Body Workout" and the old "Step Reebok" TV program (a compilation is available on video) show a very different Gin who jokes around and even does little voice impressions. But both personalities put an emphasis on safe moves and good form, and Gin is especially adept at cueing; she even uses hand signals like slapping her thigh to indicate shifting to the other foot. Gin's routines are pretty basic and simple, more athletic than dancy, but she still tosses in her own just-for-fun moves like "suave shoulders". If you're turned off by the Orwellian look of Step Reebok and Power Step, you might prefer "Aerostep", "New Body" or "Step Reebok TV", all of which feature brighter sets and a much less serious Gin.

Sue Bryant

Gin's cueing is better than anyone's! I remember the first time I did one of her workouts -- I was *so* impressed with her cueing. You could probably do her workouts with the sound only; she's that good. She's also fun. Very friendly and motivating.

Annie S.

I rather like Gin Miller's instruction. Her form is very good, and her cueing and tips on form are quite helpful. She has (in the video with the tribal band, anyway) this really intense kind of no-nonsense look about her, and I like that as a change from the usual smiley happy thing, which of course is nice too. I have heard complaints about her voice in older videos (high pitched, and with an on/off accent), but I find her to be just fine.

Melissa Dewey

Gin Miller is remarkably easy to follow. Like many have commented, her cueing is fantastic!

Jennifer B.

Gin Miller's cuing is terrific.

Nancy Webb

I have two Gin Miller videos, and it's true...there really are two Gins. She is definitely a split personality. I like the Gin Miller on this video (Step Reebok-The Video) the best. (The other one is fun but confusing.) This Gin Miller is wonderful. I seem to work better with the style of instructing in this video. Gin works out with the cast. The instructing comes from a television set on the side.

Karen Borak

Gin is such a blast.This is just the second Reebok step tape that I purchased. I have Step Reebok: The Video, and her personality doesn't show through in this one. But in the Best of Step Reebok TV she is a blast. Great cueing and a load of fun.


Great personality and very knowledgeable.

Michelle Bourg

Gin Miller is a good instructor. She gives ample cues and notifies you when you are going to change moves. Although, in this tape (Power Step) you don't really notice Gin and her excellent cueing. Gin is completely overshadowed by the set. Personally, I don't care for the industrial, futuristic setting. It's too dark and ominous!

Christine Letsky I LOVE GIN MILLER! I have been doing her tapes for years!(I think I have most of them.) Yes, sometimes she is very serious and sometimes silly and fun. I love both sides of her. Some days I'm in the mood for funny and some days for silly. Her cueing is the best! I have gotten into GREAT shape with Gin just working in my home with my TV. I feel like I've been trained by the best! My dream is to meet her some day and some day become an aerobics instructor myself.

Diana Hoskinson

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