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Silk Manning

This is a great short 30-minue muscle endurance strength training routine. The production values aren't the level of Cathe Friedrich but don't detract from the overall quality of this inexpensive yet surprisely well-crafted strength routine. Here's a breakdown of the workout.

--Wide stance squats
--Narrow stance squats
--Wide stance squats
--Narrow stance squats
--Straight legged deadlifts
--Reverse Lunge (Left Leg Resting on Step)
--Reverse Lunge (Right Leg Resting on Step)
--Reverse Lunge (Left Leg Resting on Step)
--Reverse Lunge (Right Leg Resting on Step)
--Chest press
--Underhand chest press
--Pec Flys
--Bent-over row (overhand grip)
--Bent-over row (underhand grip)
--One-arm row (right arm)
--One-arm row (left arm)
--Military press
--Upright row
--Lateral raises
--Front Raises
--Biceps Curls
--24s (Cathe calls them crazy 8s). He did these twice. These fry your arms.
--Triceps Extensions
--French curls
--Triceps kickbacks
--Crunches with pelvic tucks
--Double crunches
--Crunches with legs straight up
--Oblique twists with left leg up and right leg down.
--Reverse crunches
--Oblique twists with right leg up and left leg down
--Reverse crunches
--Low back work (including superman and lying back extensions)

Instructor comments:



Excellent form, cues ok, doesn't talk too much. I would definately purchase more workouts from this instructor...oh, and he's definately easy on the eyes, too! :)

Instructor comments: The workout has already been broken down, so I won't do it again. However, let me say that I LOVE this workout. Its kind of like Slim Series light..light in that its 30 minutes instead of an hour or more. It is a non-nonsense straight to the point basic weight traning workout. Lots of reps, common exercises, but still worth your time. Its one of my favorite "I don't feel like working out but I should do something" workouts!

November 2, 2004

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