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The Bar Method Designer Sculpting

Burr Leonard

I've only done this DVD once but it was really good so I felt I should write a review for anyone sitting on the fence.
It starts with Burr explaining about the Bar Method and introducing the cast. They are all in excellent shape esp. Burr who is in her late fifties. I can only hope to look that good in 20 years time. She has a very nice voice and gives precise instruction.
You start off with a warmup, then move into a stretch. First up is upper body. It's a lot like Muscle Eats Fat. I also di the upper portion from Firm Super Body Sculpt si i got a good upper body workout. This tape does not cover the whole upper body, just biceps, triceps and shoulders. My triceps were sore the next day but I think that was from the Firm tape.
Next is lower body, let me tell you, it is a great lower body workout. She starts you off with plies, then you go into different variation with leg and toe positions. Lots of pulses, you'll feel the burn. The best exercise was the pretzel. It's hard to explain how to do it but it's effective. I did this on Thursday and my butt's still sore 2 days later. There is lots of stretching in between exercises which is a nice break and gives you a chance to stop your legs from shaking.
Next is ab work. It is hard. There is a modification shown where you put a pillow under your shoulders if you need it. I needed it, you hold the position and move your abs using your breath. You hold for a very, very long time. Then you get to stretch your abs.
Next is back dancing, like in Lotte Berk. This is done for longer though with different leg and feet positions. You'll feel the burn again. There is a final stretch. The whole workout is about 45 min long and is a great lower body workout. There is a bonus workout blast but I haven't done that yet. I like this one better than Fat Free because of the pretzel exercise. My butt feels smaller already.
I bought this form Deep Discount DVD. The boxed set was less than $20, an excellent bargain in my book.
If you like Lotte Berk then I feel you will definately enjoy these workouts which I think are a little more difficult. Burr is an excellent teacher.



I like The Bar Method, Designer Sculpting. It is a 45 minute workout. I have it on DVD. It is a body sculpting workout and you only need some light dumbbells and a chair. There is a little bit of upper body work with light weights, including biceps curls, front raises for shoulders and bent-over straight-arm rear delt/tricep raises. I really felt the rear delt/triceps raises even though I used light weights; it's one of those Lotte Berk exercises that works deep into the muscle. This DVD mainly works the lower body, and does so by doing small, pulse-like movements. There is a standing section where you can use a chair or a ballet barre or other sturdy support. You do calf raises, and then a series of small plies or demi-squats with the heels raised, which works deep into the quads. The floorwork is quite intense, yet it is subtle. There is an exercise that Burr calls the pretzel, where you are seated with one leg bent in front of you at a right angle to your body, and the other leg bent behind you, and you have to lift the rear leg off the floor and pulse up and down and then back. It works deep into the glute and hip muscles, and I felt like I was really targeting those areas. The abdominal work is the only part that I didn't like. You sit with your knees bent and hold your thighs, so your body is c-shaped, and you exhale repeatedly and contract the abdominals while exhaling. Then you lift one leg and continue doing the same thing, then you lift both legs. I wasn't sure I was doing the exercise right; I just kept contracting my abs until they felt fatigued. I also felt that those exercises strained my neck, and modified them by placing one or both hands behind my head. There is an excellent section of pelvic tilts for the glutes and hamstrings, with the feet in varying positions (knees together, feet together then feet apart, then feet farther apart). I am convinced that this exercise is one of the best for the glutes. Throughout the workout, you stretch the muscles you have just worked.

The Bar Method is based on the Lotte Berk Method, so many of the exercises are similar to those in the Lotte Berk DVDs. I like the fact that this DVD is 45 minutes long, which does not feel too long or too short. The time goes quickly. I will definitely be using this DVD as an add-on for the lower body.

The music was nice, instrumental music and I especially liked the lovely guitar piece during the stretch segment at the end. The workout is good for all levels of fitness. There is a bonus workout on the DVD. Overall I give Bar Method, Designer Sculpting an A.

Instructor comments: Burr starts out by saying that she is in her late 50's, which is amazing because I have never seen anyone that age who looks as fit as Burr. She is incredibly lean and toned, and it is obvious that she has worked hard to be in the shape she is in. I liked her personality, and thought she seemed nice and professional. Her form on the exercises was excellent.

Abbe G

December 27, 2003

Designer Sculpting provides an excellent full body workout designed to tone your muscles rather than build them up. Instructor Burr Leonard works with 3 other certified Bar Method instructors, one of whom shows modifications of all exercies.
A simple 5-minute warmup begins the workout. Next comes the upper body section (8 minutes), which uses light dumbbells. You will do several different moves to target biceps, shoulders, and triceps. [For those who are familiar with the Lotte Berk Muscle Eats Fat video, you will notice that the uppper body portion of this workout is almost exactly the same, as the Bar Method derives from Lotte Berk.] Barre work comes next (two of the instructors use a chair). You will begin in a wide stance and perform several sets of plies; the exercises are then repeated with your legs shoulder-width apart and feet together, on your toes. Again, this section is very similar to Lotte Berk, but you will perform a wider variety of exercises with more repetitions.

Following the standing leg work, it\'s on to the floor for a tough move known as \"the pretzel.\" With one leg bent in front of you, the other behind, you will raise your leg and make small movements to really target your hips and buttocks areas (similar to Callanetics)--I really felt this the next day! This section is also about 5 minutes long. Ab work comes next: in this 5-minute section, you will perform small movements while keeping your abs scooped with your navel pressed toward the floor. You will then move on to bridge pose to work both your abs and you butt; this section is an additional 5 minutes as you perform bridge with several different foot positions. The workout ends with a 5-minute stretch to release your muscles.

I liked that this workout challenged me without leaving me feel exhausted. I also enjoyed being able to target both my arms and my legs without having to use heavy weights. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a different type of full-body workout.

Instructor comments: I liked Burr; she\'s very low-key, down-to-earth, and provides good instruction.

Beth (aka toaster)

March 8, 2004

I won't go into huge detail, but I just wanted to add that I love this workout. It fits into the callanetics/chicometrics/world class legs/lotte berk method paradigm.

I couldn't STAND the stridency of tones in the LBM instructors, and burr's soothing voice always makes me happy.

There is an annoying commercial-that-must-be-watched at the beginning of the dvd, and it can't be skipped or forwarded through. It's long too, which, for busy people (like me, and many of you), can be very aggravating.

Instructor comments: I love listening to her talk, and she's motivating to look upon as well.



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