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The Bar Method Fat Free

Burr Leonard

This workout is based on Lotte Berk. If you're familiar with the LB's you'll recognize some of the exercises and the sensation deep within your muscles. That sensation is ouch (in a good way). I find Burr to be less chichi than the LB instructors and more likeable.

This workout is no weights, no shoes, no exercise equipment and no sweat, but you will feel it. You can use a chair to substitute as a bar. The video is 45 minutes. It moves quickly and you don't get bored. You end the workout feeling well worked and well stretched. It's actually kind of refreshing to do.

Like LB, Callanetics, Pilates, this is really about good form. If you're not focused on body position you're not going to get much out of it.

Instructor comments: Please, please let me look like Burr Leonard when I reach my fifties. Or forties for that matter.


July 2004

First about me: I am an intermed/advanced exerciser. I have had a long running obssession with exercise videos.

That said - I LOVE this dvd! It is a great use of 45 minutes time - every area of the body gets worked and the stretching after each group is wonderful. Burr says 3 times a week will get you results - she is right! Even though there are only 2-3 arm exercises, they are very effective for me. This is one I will come back to again and again. If I go too long without doing it, I can tell - first in my stomach and then my lower body.

The key is definitely form - as your form improves the dvd actually gets tougher, so it is definitely one that you can grow with.

A+ and then some!

Instructor comments: Burr is a very even tempered instructor. Her cuing is clear, concise and motivational. She is in amazing shape and is in her 50's I believe! I really enjoy her style.

Liz (aka with popcorn)


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