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Want the ultimate yoga workout? Look no further than Jill Miller's Yoga Link 3 dvd set. With beautiful production, detailed instructions and clear technique tips offered in the Workshop section of each dvd, you'll work through your weak points and gentle rehab & strengthen the areas you are focusing on.

The main menu organizes all the material so it is user friendly. It's strongly recommended that everyone view the Welcome, Breathing Primer and Workshop sections before jumping into the practice. (many postures/movements may be difficult, which I personally found, so go at your own pace and fitness level) As a bonus, each dvd offers MP3's of the practice so you can take Jill's class with you anywhere.

Using various props (mat, blocks, staff or dowel, blankets, foam roller, strap) you'll explore unique postures that haven't been demonstrated before in a yoga workout. (Jill shows lots of creativity throughout the session)

Here are detailed chapter menus:

(all dvds have the Welcome to Yoga Link chapter, 4 minutes, and the Breathing Primer chapter, 16 min)

Hip Helpers:

*Hips Workshop-detailed instruction for 69 minutes

*Hips Practice-full routine 58 minutes

*Breathing Primer-essential breathing techniques for 16 minutes

*Bonus Advanced Standing Pose Workshop-runs 16 minutes

**the detailed Workshop offers the following sub-chapters**

*Directions of movement primer-2 minutes

*Play main workshop-60 minutes

*Sitting Seiza-4 minutes

*Ankle churning-3 minutes

*Advanced asymmetrical standing poses-16 minutes

Shoulder Shapers:

*Shoulder Workshop-49 minutes

*Shoulder Shape Up Practice-43 minutes

**the detailed workshop offers these sub-chapters**

*Directions-2 minutes

*Play main workshop-38 minutes

*Forearm grips-2 minutes

*Wrist, palm and forearm stretch-2 minutes

*Blackberry stretch-1 minute

*Arm circles on the wall-3 minutes

Core Integration:

*Core Integration Workshop-80 minutes

*Core Integration Practice-57 minutes

**the detailed Workshop offers the following sub-chapters**

*Core muscle primer-3 minutes

*Play main workshop-71 minutes

*Agri Sara-2 minutes

*Spinal undulation-3 minutes

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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