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Yoga Tune Up: Balls Tension Tune-Down 'Hips & Buttocks'

Jill Miller

This is one of the newest releases in Jill Miller's Tension Tune-Down series, a series of yoga-based self-massage programs available from Jill's new web site, There are 8 tracks on this CD, and in the first one, Jill simple provides a general introduction to the series and using the balls. The actual practice, which is about 19 minutes long, starts with Track 2. Jill has you begin in a standing position in order to locate the various parts of your anatomy that will be massaged during the practice; she encourages you to refer to the illustrated CD insert as a guide. For the first position (Track 3), you'll use both balls, but each of the remaining positions uses one ball only, working one side of the body at the time. Moves include "psychic bicycle," where you bicycle your leg around with the ball under your hip. The final two positions are performed lying on your side, and the very last position, which works the IT pain, is very sensitive and potentially quite painful; Jill encourages you to go slow here. She finishes with a brief rest (not a true savasana), then encourages you to get up, walk around, and feel the new freedom in your hips.

Instructor Comments:
I am a big fan of Jill's; I think she has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor (although the latter does not come through quite as well here as on her DVDs). She has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and does a great job of teaching this to others.

Beth C (aka toaster)


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