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Prevention Belly Butt and Thighs

Chris Freytag

Prevention Belly Butt and Thighs is a 32 minute toning workout focusing on these 3 problem areas. The each area has its' own routine and the DVD allows you to play them all together or to pick one routine, which you could add on to another workout. Along with Chris there are two, non-miked, background exercisers. One shows beginner modification and the other more advanced modifications. Everyone is wearing athletic wear. Either black shorts or pants and blue tops in various styles.

The setting is a pale, oriental inspired background. With the exception of a couple of potted plants, it's very minimalist.

The music is instrumental. To me, it was standard video workout music. Not particularly inspired or note worthy, and not distracting either. The voice to music ratio was excellent.

Equipment needed includes a mat and a set of dumbells (optional) that looked to be about 5 lbs.

Each routine has a very short warm up. With the exception of 1-2 moves for the specific part to be worked, the warm ups consisted of marches, wide marches, inhale arms up, and spinal rolls.

Belly (no weights used):
Alternating side reaches
Standing crunches
Standing side oblique crunches
Transition to the mat
Boxer crunches
Criss Cross punches
Boxer crunch/Criss Cross punches combo
Lying toe dips (aka leg walk)
Pilates scissors
Pilates roll ups
Side Lying Hip Lifts
Brief stretch

Butt (weights optional):
Side Stepping Squats
Squats to squats w/ glute squeeze
Narrow squats w/ ham curls/wide squats
Combination of above 2 moves
Speed Skating
Side kick to squat (each leg)
Single leg squat w/ weights
Plie Squat w/ weights (last 4 done with heels raised)
Transition to mat
Glute tucks in bridge
Brief stretch

Thighs (weights optional):
Split leg lunges w/ hammer curls to pulses (each leg 2 times)
Alternating reverse lunges
Pulsing reverse lunges (each leg 2 times, 2nd set w/ knee raise)
Power side squat w/ lateral raise
Combination of above 2 moves
Alternating knee lifts
Pulsing knee lifts to leg extensions (twice each leg)
Standing side leg lifts
Transition to mat
Frog leg lifts
Brief stretch

The DVD has two extra sections. One on breathing for stress release and one on 5 yoga moves you can do anywhere.

Overall, I enjoyed this DVD and would rate is as a good beginner/intermediate workout. To me, I didn't think there were enough reps of any one exercise or the ability to heavy up w/ the weight to be able to make this more advanced. I could see this workout having toning benefits, but not being able to deliver much mass building or strength gains. I'll continue to use this workout for days when I don't want to lift heavy, for recovery weeks, and as an add on to other workouts.

Instructor comments: Chris cued well and gave good form pointers when appropriate throughout the workout. She was very encouraging and enthusiastic. At times I found her a bit dramatic, and I found this didn't diminish my liking of this workout.

Sabine Reuter


The workout has been broken downon another review, so I will just give a few comments. I had inteneded to do 1-10mnute segment and ended up doing all 3! I like the diversity in that she starts with standing work and ends on the floor. The workout has an aerobic benefit as well as toning. It seems like each exercise is repeated twice, and then varied on reps which keeps it moving well. There is a lot of different moves, and the time goes fast. I would rate this from beginner to intermediate. There is a beginner modifier and an advanced one, and Chris seems to do the middle version.
The music is the same as most of the Prevention workouts (not great - not awful.) This workout is great to do without weights, when I feel like doing something but don't want to take out any equipment.

Instructor comments: Chris is definitely into her workout! She is encouranging, and cheerleader-like at times, but not over the top.



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