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Yoga for Wimps

Annika Carlson

Instructor: Annika Carlson, ACE & AFAA-certified yoga instructor and training.
Length: 35 minutes
Chapter Selections: Introduction, Warmup, The Workout, Stretches, Closing
Special Features: Bonus 25 Yoga Poses, Workout to Music without Narration, Photo Gallery, Trailers
Equipment Needed: Yoga mat, pillow, towel, and chair

I'd classify this as a beginner workout. It's very doable and not intimidating. Ms. Carlson demonstrates the "advanced" version of the workout. A modifier participates as well. The modifier uses a chair for most of the exercises. Here's a list of the 25 poses demonstrated in the DVD.

1. Mountain Pose, 2. Side Bend, 3. Shoulder Rolls, 4. Reach to the Stars,
5. Chair Pose, 6. Sun Salutation, 7. Table Pose, 8. Plank Pose, 9. Child's Pose,
10. Downward Facing Dog, 11. Pre-Headstand, 5-second, 12. Moving Cat,
13. Lunge, 14. Warrior 1, 15. Pyramid Pose, 16, Elbow Side Plank,
17. Plank Hover Position, 18. Tree Pose, 19. Warrior II, 20. Triangle Pose
21. Side Angle Pose, 22. Arm Stretches, 23. Boat Pose, 24. Archer Pose,
25. Bound Angle Pose.

I got my DVD from Ross today. It cost $9. I consider this a keeper. It's a decent workout for someone who wants to practice yoga on a limited scale.


Instructor comments:



Yoga for Wimps is designed to be an non-intimidating yoga practice appropriate for those new to yoga. Instructor Annika Carlson performs full versions of the poses, while her assistant, Jamie, shows modifications using a chair, towel, and pillow. The practice begins with some simple stretches, including side bend, shouder rolls, and forward fold. Next comes what Annika calls a sun salutation series which is a modified version of the traditional sun salutations: you will move between down dog, table, plank, and child poses. You then do a brief "pre-headstand" move (also known as dolphin) before going into a moving cat stretch. Next comes a standing lunge/warrior series which ends with an elbow side plank. After additional plank work, you go back to a standing position for tree, Warrior II, and triangle poses. Then it's back to the floor for boat pose, archer's pose, and some additional stretches to end the practice.

Although aimed at beginners, intermediate yoga practitioners who follow Annika will likely find that this video is appropriate to their level. I think this video would be best suited to those who don't like traditional yoga practices and instructors but who would still like to include yogic stretching as part of their regular routine.

Instructor comments: Annika instructed well and was less "gung ho" than in the Pilates for Wimps video. In addition, she provided very good cueing and worked well with her assistant Jamie--she always gave Jamie enough time to set up any props before moving on to the next exercise.

Beth C (aka toaster)

November 28, 2004

This is a beginner yoga video. Or, for folks who are very inflexible. I found it somewhat boring and kept watching the clock. There is no "spirituality factor". I kept having flashbacks of that "FIRM: Power Yoga" video. So, if you liked that one (I didn't), you might like this one. (The “Wimps” video is easier. But, unlike the FIRM one, you can see the exerciser doing the modifications.)

The instructor is perky and bland at the same time. I found her impossibly white teeth distracting. Perhaps that was due to the boredom.

I did like that the easier modifications were shown. I doubt if I will do this again.

Instructor comments: Please see review.



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