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Transform Your Life

Baron Baptiste

This video starts with a 40-minute documentary about one of Baronís yoga bootcamps. It is very interesting. This is a real bootcamp, and there are a variety of attendees Ė young, old, thin, overweight, and everything in between. I really enjoyed watching this and probably will watch it again from time to time. Then there is a 20-minute beginning power yoga workout, which is also very enjoyable. This isnít a video I do frequently since the workout is a little on the easy side for me, but when I do, I feel relaxed and energized. I would definitely recommend it for those new to power yoga. You will, however, want to have some general Hatha yoga experience.

Instructor comments:

Annie S.


Transform Your Life follows a group of 42 yoga students during one of world famous yoga instructor Baron Bapiste's week-long "boot camps." Over the course of the week, participants are exposed to several hours of yoga daily, meditation and other centering activities, a 3-day all-fruit "fast," and more. It was extremely interesting to watch people of different ages and various walks of life come together to share this intense, life-changing experience. Furthermore, the documentary does a nice job of balancing Baron's class teachings with reflections by individual participants. Each day is highlighted separately, with Days 1 through 4 being covered more in-depth and 5 thruogh 7 moving a bit more quickly. Following the documentary portion of the video, there is a 20-minute, beginner's level power yoga practice which appears to have been taken from one of the boot camp classes. Although this practice doesn't have enough specific instruction for those brand-new to yoga, the practice--along with the documentary--would perfect for those just starting to practice yoga and wanting to learn more.

Instructor comments: I like Baron's style, although some find his language to be too flowery and too "woo-woo." However, if you like Baron, this video is perfect for learning more about him.

Beth C (aka toaster)

December 1, 2004

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