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Anti-Aging Baby Boomers Workout

I really wanted to like this video, but it's one of the worst I've tried. I would not suggest it for anyone who wants low impact (too much jumping around), who has bad knees (abrupt changes of direction at too fast a pace to be safe for knees, especially if you're working out on carpeting), a total body workout (the lower body is the target of the workout), an aerobic section that lasts 20 minutes or more (only about 15 minutes aerobic), or good music (too repetitious and the performers seemed bored or as phony as Denise). On the plus side, the routine was easy to learn. She uses basic steps, sets simple patterns, and repeats a lot. She does a good job of working out both sides of the body. She's very supportive in her attitude. Even when I put aside how cloying and annoying I find Denise Austin to be, I don't like the routine. Unless you're a fan of hers or don't have any physical limitations, I wouldn't suggest this video. There are other videos on the market that offer a better and safer workout.



The back of this video says it was previously released as "Denise Austin Anti-Aging Baby Boomer Workout."

This really isn't a "dance" workout. It really felt like an energetic walk for the first part. In the first part she does marches,side steps with arms, knee lifts with arms extended, slight lunges with punches, grapevines with butt kicks, scoops, ponies, and other things.

In the toning/firming part Denise does primarily leg lifts and crunches.

In the stretching part she uses a towel. Very nice stretches for all body parts.

The music includes: "Mony, Mony", "Build Me Up Buttercup", "Good Viberations", "Happy Together", "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" and more.

The set has a live band in the background playing the music. There are 8 background exercisers, 2 of which are male. All appear in good shape but not too skinny. The floor is black with orange, blue, pink in the background (not as bad as the description makes it sound). No one does modifications.

I would place this as an intermediate level workout but a good one to recommend to someone who hasn't exercised for whom the music would be the draw. I hesitated to buy this but I'm glad I did. I would buy it on DVD if it came out on DVD.

Instructor comments: Denise cues better than average in the cardio part. She repeats her normal phrases (like if you rest, you rust, etc). She's perky in this one.



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