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Denise Austin

I haven't done this video in a while, but 5 years ago it was the only yoga workout I could do!

she exercises alone and does not shut up the entire time! I didn't mind least then. Now that I'm doing other yoga it would probably irritate me!

She starts off with sun salutions but she doesn't keep the same pace which irritated me somewhat. Also, if you try watching the screen you'll get dizzy because they change the scenery and where she is all the minute she's ina room then they put her on a rock outside (beautiful outside scenery by the way). I think she does some great stretching in this video...forward bend wide legs, several balancing poses,a nd seated stretching poses and finally a relaxation. she does table/reverse plank and that's probably among the hardest poses she does. she also includes a relaxation. Overall I like this workout, but understand that she talks and that she is not a true 'yogi' if that's important to you. I have the feeling she just jumped on the yoga bandwagaon and put this one out, but it's still a decent workout for fitness.

my copy came with a cassette as well.

Instructor comments: Perky and talkative

Susanna (smith938)


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