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If Totally Firm is Densie's best video ever, this has to be her worst ever!

I purchased Totally Firm, and was so impressed that I purchased this one. Big mistake!

There were so many mistakes in this video that I still can't believe it. It was as if it was rushed and no one edited it at all. One of the gal's working out with Denise acted like she had no idea what she was doing, and it was very distracting.

Its a 45 minute, high-impact workout. It has short burts of exercises like basketball, skiing, skating, kickboxing and core training. It was different, in a bad way. The weight segments were so short I can't believe they'd do any good.

I like Denise. I think she's great for beginners. But I would pass on this one.


If you are looking for a circuit video that has a more cardio emphasis, this is the one for you. The first time I did it I was sweating up a storm! Denise keeps up the intensity. The cardio portions are all sports orientated - ski moves, basket ball, skating, kick boxing - but they are easy to learn - I am a sports klutz and could easily learn it. Some of the moves are on the step but you could modify them and do them on the floor. I am an intermediate to advanced exerciser and I really felt it. The strength exercises are really not long enough to do anything but keep the heart rate up but she has some great core ab work and the yoga stretch on the step is different, effective and relaxing.

Sometimes Denise's cueing was off and she seemed to be out of step, but I didn't mind it -it made her seem more like the rest of us. Since the Weight training is not that tough, you could go heavy if you wanted to make it more of a strength workout - I just stayed at 8lb and 5lb to keep it more cardio.

Denise is her usual perky self, but I am a Denise Austin fan. If you are a beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced I would recommend it. If you are advanced you probably would be happier with Cathe Freidrich's Circuit Max.

If you are a die hard Denise Austin fan, you will love it. I recommend this tape highly. I currently alternate this with Circuit Max and I am not bored with it yet.

Instructor comments: Denise is her usual perky self but appears to really be working just as hard as the rest of us.

robin F.

A little about me, I am a gym rat that was looking for an alternative to the bike in the basement. Originally I was only looking at yoga and pilates tapes to compliment the bike routine (for my Sunday sessions, when the gym closes early), but I stumbled upon this video at BJ's for $9.

The workout consists of a 5 minute warm-up (with a short training tips introduction) then weaves 3 minute aerobic activity with 1 minute weight training segment. You will need a step, but I suspect this can be done with one. The aerobic segments incorporate movements from basketball, skiing, skating and kickboxing. You will be doing plyo movements in those segments for intensity. For the weight training I used a pair of 5 lb dumbbells. The cooldown is a yoga-inspired stretch using the bench, very nice change from the same ole, same ole. I had worked up a nice sweat at the end of this workout, and started to feel the burn several hours later.

I was pleasantly surprised at the workout presented on this tape. Denise miscues several times, but this is normal for her. An advanced exerciser may use this for a light day (however if you are an avid Cathe or Firm lover you may want to pass). It is a nice change of pace for an intermdiate level exerciser. My only complaint is I wish the kickboxing segment was a little longer. I can feel comfortable recommending this video for your home fitness library.

Instructor comments: Ok, ok I know the demeanor of Denise can get on others nerves, but quite frankly if she is introducing couch potatoes to some form of exercise, then I for one am willing to give her a break. She is not overly perky in this video, but does make reference to "bra overhang" as she has in several other of her videos.

Sydney Haughton
May 3, 2002

I just got this video last week and have only done it twice - but I love it! It really got me sweating both times - and it's a great video to do after a long day of work to get you rejuvinated for your evening activities. I think the 45 min. length is nice too - very effective for following it by another workout with stretching and flexibility.

Instructor comments: Okay - Denise can be a bit cheesy in her frequent "let me see that smile" type lines - but I like her upbeat attitude and her personality doesn't bother me too much.



This is actually among the very few videos that I like of Denise(aside from Sizzler which should be on DVD). The set is well-lighted with huge windows, brick walls (lower half of the room) and wooden floors. The music is instrumental and faint. Denise is still in her usual perky self and her voice can be grating at times, but if you can get past that then you can survive her presence :) Most people are annoyed by her voice and perkiness but I think she is less so in this workout (i.e. if you compare this with her other videos). There are four background exercisers who are pleasant; some are serious, others are smiling. No annoying facial contortions or actions that can be distracting. I personally think this workout is fun and effective for an intermediate exerciser and possibly some advanced exercisers (just intensify your plyos). It really does get my heart rate up because of the varied plyos and athletic moves. The sports moves simulate skiing, boxing, basketball, skating, kickboxing, jumprope etc. There are few videos with cardio that simulate sports moves that's why I like this. I consider this generally cardio although it is a circuit training workout. Most of the cardio is done on the floor although there is a couple of sections done on the step. The toning sections use more of the step. I feel the strength training sections only serve as cardio breaks for the entire workout. The circuit training workout alternates between 3 1/2 mins cardio with 1 1/2 mins toning for around 35 mins. I will rate this a B.

Instructor comments: Still perky and upbeat.


August 14, 2004

I consider this video a cardio workout with lots of variations.If you want weight training, this isn't the one. Try Total firm instead.


Jan 14, 2006

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