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Burn Fat Fast - Cardio & Dance Sculpt

Denise Austin

This DVD has 4 parts, a warm up, a dance section, a strength section and a cool down.

Denise starts the warm up with 2 background women in a large white room with a nice view of a lake (?) or some sort of large body of water. The curtains are white. She does some side steps,squats, speed bags, and calf exercises. The set is pleasant.

In the dance section she and the original two background exercisers are joined by two more. There is a mix of races. The dance portion is in the same room as the warm up. There are wearing black pants and tops of different colors. She leads on the viewers LEFT consistantly throughout the dance portion. Denise does some forward up moves, lots of shaking of the hips,grapevines (which don't start as soon as she says), mambos, turns, squat kicks, repeater knees, jumps, cha chas. She does a few seconds of "marching" with ams between the mini dance sections.

In the strength section Denise and the added two background exercisers do the strength portion. Denise doesn't give any recommendation on weight amount. I'm a solid intermediate but went to 5 pounders to try and keep up with the speed of many of the moves. She does combination moves on almost all of it, such as knee lifts with an overhead lift, lunges with what my daughters call "peek a boo arms" (Leslie does this move in some of her DVDs), tricep kickbacks with a foot drag, weight behind the knee with the opposite arm lifting the other arm outward-not forward and triceps with bridging.

Denise is alone for the cooldown in the same room. She leads left again for the cooldown. Nothing terribly exciting in the cooldown, the normal hamstring stretch, side lunges, round the back and side stretches.

I truly liked the strength portion. My daughters loved the dance part. I enjoyed it but not as much as they did though.

Instructor comments: Denise is better than average at doing the same thing the same number of times for each side in this DVD. She doesn't cue beforehand any better than her normal. Outfit changes with the sections.



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