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Video Fitness Favorites

Stretch/Yoga Videos

  • Yoga Journal's Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden.
    An excellent introduction to yoga, this video offers lots of modifications along with superb and soothing instruction.

  • Pure and Simple Stretch with Karen Voight.
    A more athletic approach to stretching. Nice new age soundtrack and 40 min. of stretches, held much longer than in most fitness videos.

  • Yoga Mind & Body with Ali McGraw and Erich Schiffman.
    Beautiful cinematography and a haunting soundtrack by Dead Can Dance are the hallmarks of this wonderful intermediate yoga video, filmed at White Sands National Park. Beginners beware that few variations are shown for those less flexible.

  • Power Yoga Vol. 2 by Bryan Kest
    Yoga veterans really loved Bryan's instruction and the Power Yoga series, with Volume 2 the most popular so far.

  • Yoga Zone Conditioning and Stress Release with Alan Finger.
    Reviewers raved about Alan's instruction and found this to be one of the best yoga tapes on the market.

  • Angles, Lines and Curves with Kari Anderson.
    A unique program inspired by yoga, pilates, and dance, but different from any of the three. The emphasis is on developing core strength and flexibility, and the video features relaxing music and excellent production quality.

  • Abs Yoga For Beginners with Rodney Yee
    Reviewers found this to be more of an ab workout than a yoga workout, but really enjoyed Rodney's soothing, encouraging style. Great to use as change of pace from traditional crunches.

  • Hot Yoga Level 3, Baron Baptiste

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