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Video Fitness Favorites

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Strength Training Videos

Don't forget to check out the Hall of Fame list for the most popular strength videos.
  • Men's Arms of Steel with Gilad.
    Though designed as a no-nonsense weight workout for mean, our female reviewers loved it too!

  • Reebok: Circuit Challenge with Gin Miller.
    Reviewers liked the circuit format and the fact that the video allowed them to progress to very heavy weights.

  • Great Weighted Workout with Karen Voight.
    Yet another favorite from Karen Voight, this one is a marathon 80+ minute total body strength tape. Though this video uses lighter weights, reviewers found it to be a surprisingly challenging alternative to strength videos that use much heavier weights. Karen targets the muscles from every angle.

  • In Shape with Rachel McLish.
    A tough, no-nonsense gym-style weight workout.

  • FIRM Vol. 1 with Susan Harris.
    Although the aerobic sections in this ten-year old tape are definitely dated, its solid strength work has made it a classic and a VF Favorite.

  • FIRM Vol. 3 with Sandahl Bergman.
    This FIRM video got mixed reviews, but enough good ones to put in on this list. This video was the first to introduce the FIRM's effective tall box leg presses.

  • FIRM Vol. 6 with Jayne Poteet.
    Yet another FIRM favorite.

  • FIRM Parts 5-Day Abs. The ab sections from 5 classic FIRM volumes edited together for your convenience.

  • Firm Basics: Abs, Buns & Thighs
    A favorite among the beginner strength videos.

  • The FIRM: Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs (formerly Lie Down & Workout), with Tracie Long. Like Tough Tape, this video was reedited from the Tortoise and the Hare, with the majority of the workout coming from Hare. The ballroom aerobics are gone, but you get plenty of ab and floorwork in 45 minutes.

  • Firm Tri-Trainers: Better Body & Buns
    Reviewers liked this high quality lower body workout packed into 45 minutes.

  • Straight Up Sculpt with Keli Roberts
    A no-nonsense strength workout from a favorite instructor. As always, Keli offers expert form pointers and cuing.

  • Firm Basics Sculpting with Weights with Tracie Long
    An excellent introduction to weight training, especially for those interested in trying the FIRM. Lots of form pointers are shown.
  • The Method Precision Toning
    An excellent, no nonsense introduction to Pilates-style movement, designed to increase both core strength and flexibility.

  • Get In Shape for Your Wedding by Cathe Friedrich
    Though some reviewers were turned off by the wedding concept and some of the wedding-related comments, the consensus is that this is a great "starter" Cathe video, and quite a bargain since it includes a strength workout in addition to a complete cardio workout.

  • Tone It Up by Kari Anderson
    This video uses Dynabands for resistance, and the workout is a great alternative to free weights if you're traveling or just starting out and don't have much equipment.

  • Secrets to a Great Lower Body by Kathy Smith
    Reviewers rave about Kathy's expert instruction, form pointers and the thoroughness of the workout. An excellent choice for those just starting out with strength training.

  • FIRM Parts: Lower Body Sculpting. This tape consists of floorwork only, and reviewers who enjoy floor work found it a great change of pace from videos that focus on more strenuous standing leg work.

  • Pure Strength Series by Cathe Friedrich
    Vol. 1: Strong Legs and Abs
    Vol. 2: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
    Vol. 3: Back, Biceps and Abs
    This series is perfect for those who want to work each muscle group thoroughly, but not all in the same day. Splitting up the work across three days allows you to use heavier weights for maximum results.

  • Abs Yoga For Beginners with Rodney Yee
    Reviewers found this to be more of an ab workout than a yoga workout, but really enjoyed Rodney's soothing, encouraging style. Great to use as change of pace from traditional crunches. More Favorites

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