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Video Fitness Favorites

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Step Videos

See the Hall of Fame for the most popular step videos.
  • Mega Step Blast by Cathe Friedrich.
    This 1994 video was Cathe's first with high production quality, and quickly won her a loyal following among advanced steppers.

  • Step Max, by Cathe Friedrich
    One of the toughest step workout on the market, this workout is chock-full of power moves. Most raved about its exciting and energetic choreography, though a few reviewers thought Cathe "whoops and hollers" a bit too much for their taste.

  • Step Heat with Cathe Friedrich.
    This one is a shorter, 35 min. power step workout with 5 minutes of abs at the end.

  • Step Reebok: Aerostep with Gin Miller. An enjoyable, intermediate level step and floor combo workout led by a chattier-than-usual Gin.

  • Best of Step Reebok TV with Gin Miller.
    More of Gin's trademark style, but she's much more laid back in this video. This has the longest cardio section of the Step Reebok videos.

  • Step Workout with Kathy Smith.
    One of the best introductory step tapes out there, with basic moves and thorough instruction. It gets progressively more challenging, so beginners can complete more of the workout as they get fitter.

  • Two the Max, by Kari Anderson.
    Very fast, dancy and complex, but a ton of fun for experienced exercisers who like challenging choreography. Kari's personality really shines, and the ending stretch is one of the most relaxing and uplifting on video. 1/2 step, 1/2 floor aerobics.

  • Club Cardio Jam by Tim Culwell.
    Reviewers loved Tim's motivating style and unique choreography on this intermediate/advanced level step video.

  • Lean, Strong, & Healthy with Susan Powter.
    Reviewers who were not turned of by Susan's distinct style consider this among the best and least intimidating videos for exercise novices. They appreciated how Susan teaches intensity modifications that carry over to other workouts.
  • CIA 7002: 123 Workout with Christi Taylor .
    Reviewers compare Christy's creative combos to Kari Anderson's. This 2 hour, three part workout starts off with hi/lo, proceeds to step, and ends with a combined slide and toning section. This one is as complex as 8003 (above).

  • United Steps , by Kari Anderson.
    Another in Kari's Great Moves series, United Steps has great music and innovative moves. The routine was designed for 2 steps, but you can easily modify to use just one step, oriented vertically towards the TV.

  • Fitness Formula , by Kari Anderson.
    An excellent and less dancy introduction to Kari's choreography, and a great place to begin if you're starting to move from basic to more complex step routines. Includes a fantastic ab and back section at the end.

  • CIA 9704: Two Workouts with a Vengeance with Franny Benedetto.
    Half hi/lo, half step. Those who loved her in Boston Marathon will love it.

  • CIA 8005: Major League Moves
    There were a few complaints about the sheer quantity of high impact moves on this video, but overall, advanced exercisers loved the sports-oriented moves.

  • Creative Stepps 3 with Tim Culwell
    This video can be hard to find, but this is a good choice for intermediate/advanced level exercisers who want a long step workout. This one has 43 min. of cardio.

  • CIA 5004 with Christi Taylor, Debbie David. (Step, Floor, Slide)
    Though reviewers didn't care for the entire tape, all thought Christy's step and hi/lo segments were fantastic, and worth the price of purchase on their own.

  • CIA 9802 - The Hi/Lo, Step & Sculpting Workouts with Faith Scarinzi
    Though the video takes a couple rewinds to master, reviewers had a blast and enjoyed Faith's laid back style.

  • The FIRM Tri-Trainers: Total Body Fat Blaster (aka All Cardio) with Allie Strickland, Lisa Kay, Nancy Tucker.
    Though some were disappointed that this video did not live up to its advanced target level, reviewers liked the music and the choreography a lot.

  • Get In Shape for Your Wedding by Cathe Friedrich
    Though some reviewers were turned off by the wedding concept and some of the wedding-related comments, the consensus is that this is a great "starter" Cathe video, and quite a bargain since it includes a strength workout in addition to a complete cardio workout.

  • CIA 9001 by Patrick Goudeau
    Not everyone likes the mind-bogglingly complex choreography of this video, but those who do are so passionate about it that it earns its status as a Favorite. Read the reviews to see if it's for you.

  • Step N Stones II by Gay Gasper
    Reviewers loved this circuit training workout even better than Gay's first Step N Stones tape.

  • Interval Max by Cathe Friedrich
    This video ranks up with Gin Miller's Intense Moves as the toughest cardio interval workout on the market.

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